For Vacation Rental Owners interested in a video for your property... we can help.

This page is geared towards other vacation rental property owners who are intersted in having a simple video created that can be uploaded to YouTube and used to supplement their current advertising. If you are interested in having a video created like our Seabreeze video, please use the Contact Us page and send us a request. The process is quite simple. We use your photos, send you a link to preview, you approve.... we post and then send you the link. You can use the link on your vrbo site, your emails, or what ever marketing tools you use for your propoerty.

I have received an email from you and want you to create a FREE video preview of our property that can be uploaded to our vrbo site. What is the next step?

Simply go to our Contact Us page and send us your contact information along with your vrbo listing number and we will create a free preview for you. With your permission to create the free preview, we will use the photos that you have posted on vrbo. You will then receive an email from us with a link to your YouTube preview. When you are ready to purchase your video, you can simply use the PayPal link below and we will send you a new link for your final video.

What is the cost?

A video like the one we have posted for Sseabreeze is only $75.00. We understand the need to keep costs down for most VR owners. This is something we do to help offset some of our advertising costs and help other VR owners promote thier properties. It's a win / win.

What if I want to change out some of the photos after you create our video?

If you need to update or change any of the sixteen photos currently on your listing, just let us know.

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We can create a video for your property...


Vacation Video for YouTube